Almadrava's new album “Spectrum” available.

Teaser - Released September 2010 -

11 tracks loaded with passion and imagination, and two bonus tracks, including the chill version of “La vie en rose”, used for the special Spanish campaign of Martini Rosato, make up the fourth work of this couple of writers/producers, artistically named Almadrava, as a beach from the north of Spain, near Cadaquès.

“Spectrum” represents a wider approach to Almadrava's music. Without losing the chill essence that seems to touch every single composition of the band, the rhythms accelerated, the arrangements became “popy”, and the lyrics deeper. For the first time Patricia and Pedro seem to sing about their own personal universe. The melodies took control over the relaxing backgrounds... Now it's a matter of emotions.

The sound of Almadrava is delicate and surreal, a mix of cool electronic sounds, warm acoustics, coated with the sensual voice of Patricia Leidig, leader of the band. Everything started in 2001, when together with Pedro Toro, they planted the seeds of one of the most succesfull mediterranean chill projects of the decade. Three albums (“Northern Winds” (2001), “All you left us” (2005) and “Positivity” (2008)), and their songs included in more than 50 international compilation CD's, such as “Cafe del Mar”, “Hed Kandi-Winterchill” or “Buddha Bar”, are the main credentials of this two eager minds, and the best reference for their brand new creation: “Spectrum” (Essential Records, 2010).